2018 India

South-west of Delhi, Rajasthan, “Land of Kings”, is India at its most flamboyant.

Palaces, warrior kings, camel fairs, hilltop castles, elephants, peacocks and desert cities that might have sprung from The Arabian Nights – every exotic Indian notion finds its feet in here.

In October 2018 come on  a small tour group to Rajasthan.

Maximum 10 people, we’ll travel in style for 17 days. We`ll take you to palaces, forts, villages and bazaars.

We will sit down to some incredible meals in some amazing places.

We’ll also spend the night in gorgeous hotels fit for a maharani.

We’re hands-on travellers and we like to immerse ourselves in the places we visit.

We’ll be trolling through markets, through the sari bazaar in Jaipur, the vegetable bazaar in Jodhpur, the spice market in Delhi, as well as visiting palaces created by the royal rulers We’ll be exploring some incredible step wells and temples carved from marble.

We’ll see wildlife – desert antelope and peacocks definitely, raptors and leopard most likely – and explore formidable fortresses.