Budget airline, Premium seats

Came back from Bali in May aboard Air Asia on the dreaded midnight flight – why do no airlines operate daytime flights from Bali to Australia – and we were in a long queue at the check-in desk.

We’d been pre-allocated lousy seats and I had a vision of being squashed uncomfortably all night in a crowded cabin. There was nobody queuing at the premium check-in desk so I sauntered over. “How much for a seat in the quiet cabin?” I asked. The answer was $20 each so I whipped out my credit card. When we boarded, the quiet cabin towards the front of the aircraft was only about one third full.

Both Liz and I were able to snare three seats across, while the main cabin was chockers. Managed about six hours of sleep and woke up at dawn over Sydney.

Liz has a theory that because travellers flying budget airlines are looking for the cheapest possible ticket they aren’t inclined to pay the small extra fee for flying with a little bit more comfort, but believe me, it makes all the difference.

Scoot has a similar offering, Scoot in Silence. 

Have you used the quiet cabin on either of these airlines? Love to hear your thoughts

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