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Plenty of travellers like to hit foreign soil with a few yen, baht or euros in their pocket and banks are no longer the only source of foreign exchange. The currency exchange game has become more competitive and there are now several specialist agencies that offer you more for your Aussie dollars. If you wanted to change $1000 Australian dollars into US dollars or euros, who offers the best deal?

In late December 2019, it’s almost a dead heat between Travel Money Oz and Travelex, with US$676 and US$676.30 respectively. With TMO you need to order the cash online and pick it up from one of their outlets but there’s no shortage in major metro areas. Travelex is also convenient since you can pre-order and pick up the foreign currency at any Travelex location, your local Australia Post office, have it delivered to your home or pick it up at a major airport. With Australia Post your $1000 buys less – US$660.50 and in last place, Global Exchange would give you just US$626.

You’ll get a better rate if you pre-order your foreign currency. Delay until you get to the airport to exchange your Aussie dollars and you won’t get the same rate.

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