Peel Street

Hong Kong Coffee

By and large, Hong Kong does not do coffee well. Sure there are all the usual US-based derivatives everywhere, doling out their insipid brew by the half gallon, but honest and non-gross java is hard to come by.

The Place

Peel Street Espresso however, just off Hollywood Road, is a glorious exception.  Small, darkish and moody, with very cool music and newspapers (New York Times, South China Morning Post), scattered across the big brass topped communal table,

Peel Street dishes out coffee with the names and sizes loved by your streetwise Aussie.

The Bean

The bean is Redback, a hint at its heritage since Peel Street was started by a couple of Aussies, and there’s a neat menu featuring avocado on sourdough, tomato and feta on toast, smoked salmon bagel and nice little fruity muffins.

Not forgetting the affogato and salted caramel milkshake.

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