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How do you find a cheap hotel?

How do you find a cheap hotel?  

It`s  a question I get asked a lot, and it’s a tough one. In most places around the world hotels operate in a highly competitive environment. As a guest, that means you pretty much get what you pay for.

One way is to look for hotels or resorts that have just opened, or have just come out of a major refurbishment. These properties will usually start off with low prices to get the business rolling, which means they sell rooms well below market price.

How do you find these new hotels?

Just Google “new hotel openings in ….” I did exactly that when I had a day in Rome last October, with an early morning flight out the next day.

My search turned up Hotel degli Artisti and it turned out to be a cracker, lovely room in a quiet location about a 10-minute ride from Termini Station, surrounded by swanky apartments and gardens, and they even threw in an evening cocktail on the roof terrace, all for €137.70.

Booking that same room for next October through the hotel website at the advance purchase, non-refundable rate would cost €40 per night more. Happy hunting!

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  1. Craig Mathews

    this is great, except won’t apply at ski resorts, especially in North America.

    Had a few people tell me that they could get slightly cheaper accommodation at ski resorts thru airbnb or vrbo, BUT & it’s a biggie … if you don’t get accommodation as part of a package, you don’t get up to 90% off lift tickets.

    eg. One major Colorado resort has family lift passes starting at only US$20/day (for 1 adult & up to 4 kids-not each for all) whereas the ticket window price is US$146/day for 1 adult only. Plus, with the US$20/day deal, you get lift line priority so no bloody Q’s.

    Ok you could buy a season pass starting around US$400/adult, but you need to ski way more than 20 days & don’t get kids free or lift line priority. You can however, get lift line priority at the resort, on a day to day basis for US$30/person.

    In other words, the package deal, far exceeds ANYTHING online.

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