I am thinking about travelling to Bhutan. I’ve heard it’s really expensive and I’m not sure how to go about booking a tour or organising a visa.

Bhutan is hugely expensive. In order to preserve its culture and environment, the kingdom restricts the number of visitors it allows through the door, and part of its strategy is to impose a high fee on those who wish to come. Except for Indian nationals, every foreign visitor must pay a Daily Government Royalty. On top of that is a daily Free Independant Traveller surcharge  for solo travellers. The only airline that flies into Paro, the capital, is Druk Air. By far the cheapest and most practical way to visit Bhutan is on an organised, off-the-shelf tour. World Expeditions , Peregrine Adventures and Intrepid Travel  are three Australian adventure specialist operators that offer tours there. Your tour company will organise your visa.

This question and answer first appeared in The Tripologist column of Fairfax’s Traveller. Read more at www.traveller.au

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