Insect Proofing Solutions… way better than corks round your hat.

Parakito $29.95

Insects love me but the affection only goes one way. Mosquitos, sandflies, march flies and flies in general find me irresistible, but the Parakito could be a game changer. The Parakito system is a Velcro band with a pocket into which you slip a pellet impregnated with essential oils and voila – you’re insect free for up to 15 days. The starter pack comes with two pellets and you just buy more when they’re done.  You can  attach your wristband to a day pack if you want and there’s another version with just a clip.

Debugger $24.95.

Strange name but the Debugger is a solution that you pour into a bucket of water when you’re in the Amazon or the Okefenokee, toss in your clothes and they’re insect repellent for the next three washes at the very least. Bring it on.

 Ouch $9.95 each.

Prefer to go with the old school spray-on repellent? Ouch! Is a herbal spray that  comes either as a sting relief or repellent, all natural so it’s safe for allergy sufferers and small kids, won’t stain or melt synthetic clothes or plastic and small enough to slip into your pocket. Also claimed to reduce the effect of jellyfish stings. My last encounter with a jellyfish I got close and personal with a bluebottle, the lifeguards were impressed, said they’d never seen anyone with so many stings, had to  hammmer my father-in-law’s whisky cabinet to soothe the pain.

All products available from your nearest Paddy Pallin outlet.

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