Is it feasible to visit the redwoods of California in January ?

We are travelling to Portland, Oregon in the USA. We would like to see the large Red woods and west coast, but we are unsure what is the best to see in the winter?

Seeing the redwoods in January is perfectly feasible. The Redwood National and State Parks are located in northern California, about 480 kilometres south of Portland, and the region has a mild climate. January temperatures in Crescent City, the closest city, range between 6-12oC in January, and any snow that falls is likely to be light. At that time of the year you’re better off sticking to the coast, where temperatures are milder, rather than venturing too far inland. From the redwood forests you could continue south to San Francisco and spend a few days absorbing the atmosphere of this

From there you might take California Highway 1 south to Los Angeles, which would take three days at a leisurely pace, and there is much to enjoy along the way, including the town of Carmel, the Monterey Peninsula, Big Sur, Santa Barbara and Hearst Castle.

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