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Italy -10 Reasons to feel confident to book

10 reasons to book travel to Italy

  1. Travel is not how it used to be. Heading offshore takes us into unfamiliar waters, and we’ve re-worked our tours to take account of the new realities in which we find ourselves. 
  2. We’re continually monitoring the places we’ll be visiting and there are good reasons why we’ve chosen Italy to restart our small group tours.
  3. A high percentage of the Italian population is fully vaccinated. Since mid-November 2021, Italian law requires all employees to be fully vaccinated, even for the self-employed. No vaccination, no job.
  4. Italy has instituted strict COVID-19 protocols that require social distancing and proof of a vaccine passport for entry to indoor dining, galleries, museums and to allow you to travel on the coaches we’ll be using to get around.
  5. Italy also has a modern and well equipped health care system. That includes a reciprocal health agreement with Australia, which guarantees at the very least you’ll be taken care of in the public health system. 
  6. Since March 2020 I’ve been writing for the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age about what the pandemic has meant for travel. During that time I’ve covered travel insurance, PCR testing overseas, the most effective masks, strategies to keep yourself safe while you’re overseas, the steps you need to take to get back to Australia and what to do if you get sick with COVID-19 while you’re away.
  7. If that happens to you while you’re travelling with us, we have a plan for that. Liz and I are on tour with all our trips. If anything happens, we’re there and we’ll make sure you’re okay. 
  8. We’ve also implemented simple, clear-cut payment, refund and cancellation policies that you don’t need to unravel. 
  9. Finally, we’re a small group – maximum 12 including Liz and Michael, staying in just two hotels – one in Rome and another in Umbria’s Montefalco. That allows us to be socially distanced, with mingling with crowds at a minimum.
  10. Most of our tour is spent outdoors, and that offers a high degree of protection against infection.

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