Layover in Johannesburg Airport

Had a layover of several hours on my way through Johannesburg airport en route to Botswana.

I took my tired bod to the Aspire Lounge and it turned out to be a genius move.

I was the only one there when I walked in at about 6 am and there were never more than half a dozen inside. Pleasant, helpful staff, good food and alcoholic drinks, fresh OJ and waters, reasonable espresso and great showers, but not too many so you wouldn’t stand much chance if it’s busy.

Several charge ports and electrical outlets with international plugs so I could charge my laptop without an adapter.

I was zonked so I lay down on a couch and woke up to find a woman tucking me in with a blanket. That’s never happened to me in a regular business lounge. Stayed for about five hours.

Checked in at the same lounge in mid-afternoon on the way back to Oz and it was busier but by no means crowded, and I scored my fave couch once again. $45 AUD well spent.

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