What can you do about a missed flight?

You’ve made a panting arrival at the check-in desk but lady luck has spread her wings and taken off – unlike you. You’re too late, the flight has closed and you’re not travelling. What happens now depends on what kind of ticket you purchased, from whom and which airline you were scheduled to fly with. Chances are you’ve not studied the fine print that came with your ticket so the first thing to do is head for your airline’s ticket desk. Some airlines offer a rescue package if you have missed your flight which will get you on the next one provided you’ve shown up at the airport within a couple of hours of your scheduled flight.  You’ll probably pay a handsome fee but at least you’re going.

If you booked a rock-bottom fare through an online travel agency you’re playing by the rules of the ticket seller rather than those of the airline. It’s always worth checking the price of a flexi fare that allows for flight changes rather than a non-refundable ticket.

If you know you are not going to make your flight on time, call your airline and ask for customer service. They might be able to re-book you on a later flight with minimal penalty. Anecdotal evidence suggests that some airlines are sympathetic to the “flat tyre rule”. Supposedly, a delay caused by a flat tyre en route to the airport is deemed to be an event beyond the passenger’s control, and warrants re-booking the passenger on a later flight with a relaxation of the fees. Worth a try.


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