Small group tours to Italy, Romania, Morocco, Andalucia & India with Michael Gebicki

Liz and I have been travelling together for the past 40 years. Although the world has changed much over that time we’re still charmed, excited and delighted by our travels, and that sense of delight and discovery is what we aim to give you when you travel with us.

We have definite ideas about the way we like to travel. The places we like most are those with a character and culture all their own. You’ll be on unfamiliar ground, and that’s a powerful stimulant.

Sensations are heightened when you’re away from the familiar, and the more unfamiliar, the more interesting the journey becomes. Coffee tastes different, colours are sharper, birds sound different, even the light has another quality to it.

You’re even a different person when you’re somewhere you don’t belong because travel takes you to a place outside yourself.

We travel slowly. You’ll have time to absorb the sensations of a place, time to do your own thing and also to enjoy the lovely hotels where we stay.

That also means time to relax. As one of our guests said, “I feel like I’m having a holiday.”

From the time you arrive all the details are taken care of. It’s stress-free. All you have to do is experience and enjoy.

We’ll show you the highlights but we’re not into box-ticking, off-the-shelf travel. Often it’s the unexpected discoveries that are the most memorable and our itinerary leaves room for the unexpected.

We’re also big on interaction. Village strolls, tea with the locals, street food – and it’s surprising what you can share even when you don’t speak the same language.

One of the reasons this works is you’re with a small group. Sixteen or even 20 is what a lot of tour operators call small.

We’re 10, maximum, plus Liz and I, and that’s a perfect number.

A small group also means we get to stay in small hotels that we’ve chosen for personality, style and charisma as well as comfort.

Sound like what you’ve been looking for? Why not come with us?



Umbria 11 Days

May 24 -June 3 2020

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June 6- June 21 2020

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Morocco 18 Days

Sept 9-26 2020

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September 29-October 10 2020

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February 2021 dates to be announced soon

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Kerala & Tamil Nadu

February 2021 dates to be announced soon

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