Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Makes a Convert

Premium Economy is a new class for Singapore Airlines so you’re sitting in a smart new cabin with orange and multi-toned grey livery. Seat feels a little wider than economy but the real payoff is the leg room. I’ve got at least 100 cm between my knees and the seat in front. There’s a big screen and noise cancelling headphones, and they’re a quality item. Seat recline is good, far from a lie-flat but it’s pretty comfortable for my post-lunch power nap when fully reclined.


You can pre-select a meal online and there’s a better choice than if you wait til you’re onboard. My hoki with lime butter sauce is firm and moist, the French beans are glistening like they were seeing sunshine just yesterday and the tagliatelle on the ground floor are great, still slightly al dente and lightly buttered.


Service is good, but then Singapore Airline never disappoints, there are 40 seats in the PE cabin, in a 2-4-2 configuration and it’s about 70 per cent full. There’s one toddler in the row in front who smiles and doesn’t make a peep and let’s face it, the extra cost makes it unlikely that you’re going to get feral kids doing the wild thing and that’s another plus over economy.


There are two USB power sockets and best of all I could work on my laptop, which is something I never manage to do with much success in an economy seat, which helps soften the hit of the extra cost.

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