Sixt – European Car Hire Operator

Sweet ride

Car hire operators are right up there in the bastardry stakes, but I’m inclined to mellow in the case of Sixt. I’ve hired from them a couple of times on my European trips, most recently in Switzerland.

Booked for six days and paid in advance to take advantage of a lower price – and by the way, picked up from Zurich city rather than Zurich Airport, which saved me over $100. Then I had to shorten the hire period and change the drop-off address. No problem they said, we can’t give you a refund but how about an upgrade? There was a Maserati in the parking lot and I told them that would do but – alas – not to be. But I did find myself behind the wheel of a Mercedes CLA, guaranteed to put a smile on your dial. Point is, there was no hanky panky. There was a meticulous damage inspection from the Sixt people before I drove out – some of the dings were microscopic – and no silly business at the end of the hire.

If you’re looking to hire in Europe, give Sixt a go – but if anyone has reports to suggest good, bad or downright ugly behaviour from them or any other car hire operators in Europe let me know and I’ll post here.

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