C. Melican

Kerala & Tamil Nadu Tour November 2019
I want to say that I am very grateful for the trip and especially the following highlights:
 the beautiful people, full of vibrant life and colour (and not just their clothes, but their homes, their spirit); the temples which challenged me to broaden my thinking and understanding about other people and what sustains them spiritually – plus being ’thanked’  by the elephant plonking his trunk on my head; the Mahabalipuram shrines, hewn top down out of a huge rock face – extraordinary craftsmanship from centuries ago; the Thirumayam Fort; the delicious food, presented with love and care; the way we were welcomed at each hotel, so respectfully, gently, and then the way we were farewelled, plus the luxury and comfort of the accommodation; seeing where and how veenai musical instruments are made; the concert where those beautiful girls danced; the coir factory and the men working age-old machines; the stay at the spice village where I learnt so much; the cruise on the backwaters; the markets everywhere that dazzled with colours of food, spices and people; the play – what a sensation the actor was who told his story through facial expressions; the wonderful town/city of Fort Cochin; tuk tuks, rickshaws, bus rides up mountains; magnificent views, wonderful villages; your leadership and attention to details.