Rajasthan Tour Testimonials

“Few things command more respect than hard work, integrity, dedication and the ability to follow through. These are among the many attributes I experienced from start to finish when travelling with Tripwired Tours.
My  itinerary took me to Rajasthan for three weeks to six cities and off the beaten path to villages. Tripwired managed to coordinate every aspect of my adventure. The choice of guides were perfect. The drivers were all skilled and reliable and the vehicles were always clean and stocked with water, sanitized wipes and in some cases snacks for us to enjoy. Safety was never a concermy three-week journey through India significantly exceeded all of my expectations. I am a big believer in managing expectations and I must say that thanks to Michael and Liz my three-week journey through India significantly exceeded all of my expectations.
I could not be more pleased with every component of my adventure and must give Tripwired the highest marks possible. Thank you!!!”
Testimonial from ANNE G

Morocco Tour Testimonial

Thank you for a wonderful Moroccan tour. We saw so many interesting and diverse aspects of the country, from snow to desert, to fertile valleys, old towns and buzzy cities.
Even though we covered so much ground it didn’t feel a slog, the times we spent two or three nights in one place were great and the afternoons we had free to pursue our own agendas added to the relaxed feel.
I loved the funky bedrooms in new and old riads, they were beautiful and comfortable, essential after busy days. The food was delicious and really healthy too.
Thanks for seeking out such great venues.
All up it was a fabulous trip, one I’ll always look back on with pleasure.

Rajasthan Tour

“Fantastic small, friendly, informed, colourful tour.  Scrumptious food, quirky, heritage, posh, gorgeous hotels, wonderful palaces, out of the square experiences.   We had a fabulous tour guide in Harry, with an absolutely outstanding coach driver and assistant.  Everything was organised, catered for, planned for and so easy. Brilliant.”

Rajasthan Tour

It’s hard to decide on the biggest highlight. Was it the lovely accommodation, the astounding centuries-old palaces and forts, the intimate walks through country villages, or the mad tuk-tuk rides in city traffic? All of them and more!

Rajasthan Tour

My heartfelt thanks– Not only for all my trip of a lifetime to Rajasthan– but also for the extreme kindness and consideration you have shown to me in the last 16–17 days. I can only thank my lucky stars that I chanced upon that small article in the Weekend Australian so long ago. It all has exceeded my expectations. Always, I felt that India was a place that would become very dear to me – and I certainly was not wrong. You and your amazing tour staff have made my dreams come true. The experiences, history of the place, the people and fun I’ll never forget. Will look out for your future tours.“
I want to say that I am very grateful for the trip and especially the following highlights:
 the beautiful people, full of vibrant life and colour (and not just their clothes, but their homes, their spirit); the temples which challenged me to broaden my thinking and understanding about other people and what sustains them spiritually – plus being ’thanked’  by the elephant plonking his trunk on my head; the Mahabalipuram shrines, hewn top down out of a huge rock face – extraordinary craftsmanship from centuries ago; the Thirumayam Fort; the delicious food, presented with love and care; the way we were welcomed at each hotel, so respectfully, gently, and then the way we were farewelled, plus the luxury and comfort of the accommodation; seeing where and how veenai musical instruments are made; the concert where those beautiful girls danced; the coir factory and the men working age-old machines; the stay at the spice village where I learnt so much; the cruise on the backwaters; the markets everywhere that dazzled with colours of food, spices and people; the play – what a sensation the actor was who told his story through facial expressions; the wonderful town/city of Fort Cochin; tuk tuks, rickshaws, bus rides up mountains; magnificent views, wonderful villages; your leadership and attention to details.

Rajasthan Tour

“I travelled on Mike Gebicki’s tour of Rajasthan from October 8-24, and consider it one of my best trips ever. We got to see a lot of Rajasthan and also the Taj Mahal in Agra, which is in Uttar Pradesh state. We travelled by bus, stayed in some nice hotels, and saw some wonderful sights. We walked and used tuk-tuks through the streets, seeing up close the vibrant and chaotic life of Indian cities. We ate superb Indian food in establishments ranging from top quality restaurants to the odd street stall. For those who liked shopping there were lots of opportunities to buy good-quality local products. On this tour I became aware of how big India is and how much it has to offer. Thanks to Mike, his wife Liz, and many locals, we had a very enjoyable and informative tour. I also enjoyed travelling in a group.”

Morocco Tour Testimonials

Despite the dire warnings and concern about safety from those who dare go there” and notwithstanding my own trepidation about a tour group having only ever travelled solo, I took the plunge.
Result; an amazing journey with nine fellow travellers, expert local guides the principals of very skilled, fun and professional Australian tour (tripwired.com.au)
From the moment I was so warmly welcomed in Casablanca by Tripwired’s Michael and Liz, any apprehensions I had dissipated in Morocco’s balmy air.
Tailored to accommodate no more than ten travellers, the seventeen day revealed the diversity of this remarkable country with its ancient history many influences, evidenced by Roman ruins, Portuguese , French, Arabic and Moorish aesthetics the vanishing nomadic lifestyle and the indigenous Berbers’ love of its own traditions and culture.
Tripwired Tours are knowledgeable, flexible, efficient, empathetic and passionate about providing their clients with the ultimate experience in the country in which they’re travelling.
Testimonial from SUZANNE B

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