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South-west of Delhi, Rajasthan, “Land of Kings”, is India at its most flamboyant. Palaces, warrior kings, camel fairs, hilltop castles, elephants, peacocks and cities that might have sprung from The Arabian Nights – every exotic Indian notion finds its feet in this desert state.

For more than a thousand years the state was ruled by the Rajputs, warrior kings who embraced the romantic ideals of bravery, etiquette and chivalry, and heroism and tragedy on a majestic scale has left the landscape splashed with bloody legends and some of the most impressive forts and palaces in all of India.

As well as the great cities of Rajasthan – Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur – we’ll be spending time in villages, where the traditions, colours and customs of the past are still powerfully in evidence.

Our style of travel

We’re hands-on travellers and we like to immerse ourselves in the places we visit. We’ll be trolling through markets, through the sari bazaar in Jaipur, the vegetable bazaar in Jodhpur and the spice market in Delhi, as well as visiting palaces created by the royal rulers of Rajasthan. We’ll be exploring some incredible step wells and temples carved from marble. We’ll see wildlife – desert antelope and peacocks definitely, raptors and leopard most likely – and explore formidable fortresses. The timeless rhythms of village life are still much alive in Rajasthan, and we’ll have time to wander and sample the food, crafts and culture of rural life.

We’ll dine in some truly amazing places, and since food is a great way to understand a culture we’ll be sampling mawa kachori in Jodhpur and daulat ki chaat on the streets of Delhi, which is like eating clouds, as well as experiencing some of the best contemporary Indian dining that India has to offer. Music and dance are a big part of the Rajasthan experience – this is where the gypsy peoples originated – and we’ll be experiencing both.

There’s also time browse, taste and to shop, take a yoga class or cooking lesson, and since we’ll be staying in some truly fabulous hotels we’ll make sure you have time to enjoy them.

Take a look at the itinerary

 Why travel with us?

 India can be tough going. It’s crowded, raucous and jostly, a battery of smells and colour and strangeness that adds up to a full-frontal assault on the senses. It’s exhilarating, but it can also be exhausting. In India you need to pace yourself.

There are times when you need to retreat and absorb the amazing sensations that the country presents. That’s why we take things slowly. In most places we’ll be stopping for three nights. That gives us at least two full days to explore.  Any fewer and you spend too much time travelling, too little time experiencing the wonders that are to be seen, felt, heard and tasted. We don’t like spending long hours on the bus either so we’ll be travelling in short hops as far as possible.

And although we’ll be visiting the Taj Mahal, the amazing Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur and Jaipur’s Hawa Mahal – Palace of the Winds – we’re not into box-ticking, bucket-list travel. Happy discoveries often come by chance. Magic can’t be planned, and our itinerary leaves plenty of room for magic to happen.

 Where we stay

We’ve chosen calm hotels. They’re located either on the fringe of the cities we’ll be visiting or else in green and spacious surrounds. Their rooms are big and quiet, they have nice pools and some have spas.They’re pretty and stylish, comfortable, relaxing and small for the most part, but we’re not aiming to dazzle you with luxury. But you’ll like them, that’s a promise, and our itinerary gives you time to enjoy the pleasures of each.

It’s also a small group. Maximum 10 plus Liz and Michael, but we’ll be travelling in an 18-seater bus, which gives you plenty of room to spread out.

Trip Highlights

  • Watch the sunset on the Aravelli Ranges over cocktails on the rooftop at Bujera Fort, our hotel outside Udaipur, with music by Sufi singers
  • Board jeeps for a leopard spotting safari among the beautiful granite hills of southern Marwar
  • Early morning hike up Elephant Rock at Narlai to enjoy the sights and sounds of a village coming to life
  • Visit the Jain temple at Ranakpur, poetry in white marble
  • Have your wrist knotted with a sacred thread at Om Banna, the only temple where the object of veneration is a motorcycle
  • Ride bullock carts through Narlai village for dinner at an ancient stepwell lit by a thousand flickering oil lamps where a veena player sings sacred songs
  • Explore Mehrangarh Fort, the most sensational and best preserved of all the palace-citadels of Rajasthan
  • Dine at Indian Accent, where Chef Manish Mehrotra has breathed new life into the Indian food repertoire with his subtle and original tasting menu, the first Indian restaurant to feature in the world’s top 50
  • Polish your chapati making skills when we lunch with a local family at Fort Bishangarh
  • Taste daulat ki chaat, a sweet winter treat in the streets of Old Delhi, like eating clouds
  • Shop for exquisite fabrics in Jodhpur, jewellery in Jaipur and quality souvenirs in the Khan Market in Delhi.
  • Relax for two nights at Jaipur’s Samode Haveli, a traditional mansion built around a series of courtyards with a lovely garden at the centre
  • Visit the Taj Mahal, one of humanity’s most sublime creations


February 2021 dates to be announced soon


TBA per person on a twin-share basis. Non-refundable deposit $500 AUD dollars when you book

Full payment by 60 days before trip departure.

Single person Supplement TBA

Price Includes: 

  • Airport transfers;
  • Flight from Delhi to Udaipur
  • Safe and comfortable air conditioned vehicle;
  • English speaking professional driver/guide;
  • 19 nights accommodation in a double/twin room with breakfast;
  • Leopard safari;
  • Jeep safari to Bishnoi village;
  • Admission to all historic monuments, including Taj Mahal;
  • Lunches on 5 days;
  • Dinners on 11 nights;
  • Local city guides for private tours in Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur and Delhi.
  • Gratuities (driver/guide, city guides, servers etc)
  • Still water with meals
  • Still water on board the bus and on day tours

It Does Not Include: 

  • International air travel
  • Travel Insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Soft drinks including those with meals
  • Laundry, mini-bar charges, phone charges, spa treatments and other optional services provided by the hotel
  • Lunches or dinners not included in the itinerary


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Trips reviews

I had the most wonderful holiday in Rajasthan with Tripwired Tours! Michael and Liz were meticulous in their planning to provide us with a cavalcade of amazing experiences. Staying for several nights in luxury resorts, we had time to explore and relax, and to enjoy sumptuous Indian cuisine. We visited villages and homesteads off the beaten tourist track to talk with local people and get a real insight into the unique culture of the region. Michael and Liz always went the extra mile to be flexible and accommodate individual needs and wishes. I enjoyed this tour enormously and I highly recommend Tripwired Tours. I look forward to travelling with them again.

Jenny K. Sydney

“My heartfelt thanks– Not only for all my trip of a lifetime to Rajasthan– but also for the extreme kindness and consideration you have shown to me in the last 16–17 days. I can only thank my lucky stars that I chanced upon that small article in the Weekend Australian so long ago. It all has exceeded my expectations. Always, I felt that India was a place that would become very dear to me – and I certainly was not wrong. You and your amazing tour staff have made my dreams come true. The experiences, history of the place, the people and fun I’ll never forget. Will look out for your future tours.“

Jane V., Melbourne

Anne and I really enjoyed all the wonderful things you had up your sleeves for first timers to India. The company was great, and that covers you of course, but our fellow travellers and Harry and Co and our guides. The food was really good and many of the places we visited were truly memorable.

Denise H. North Sydney

Mike and Liz

We enjoyed our trip immensely. The excellent hotels, dining, pools, massages, waited on hand and foot, It was hard to exit and explore. What a fascinating place India is. Ancient sites , castles, leopards, constant energy flow from an every smiling populace.  And not to forget, food. Thanks for making it so easy.

Alan H. Stanmore

It’s hard to decide on the biggest highlight. Was it the lovely accommodation, the astounding centuries-old palaces and forts, the intimate walks through country villages, or the mad tuk-tuk rides in city traffic? All of them and more!

Megan H. Sydney

“I travelled on Mike Gebicki’s tour of Rajasthan from October 8-24, and consider it one of my best trips ever. We got to see a lot of Rajasthan and also the Taj Mahal in Agra, which is in Uttar Pradesh state. We travelled by bus, stayed in some nice hotels, and saw some wonderful sights. We walked and used tuk-tuks through the streets, seeing up close the vibrant and chaotic life of Indian cities. We ate superb Indian food in establishments ranging from top quality restaurants to the odd street stall. For those who liked shopping there were lots of opportunities to buy good-quality local products. On this tour I became aware of how big India is and how much it has to offer. Thanks to Mike, his wife Liz, and many locals, we had a very enjoyable and informative tour. I also enjoyed travelling in a group.”

Graeme B. Melbourne

“Fantastic small, friendly, informed, colourful tour.  Scrumptious food, quirky, heritage, posh, gorgeous hotels, wonderful palaces, out of the square experiences.   We had a fabulous tour guide in Harry, with an absolutely outstanding coach driver and assistant.  Everything was organised, catered for, planned for and so easy. Brilliant.”

Margaret-Anne H.Sydney

“Few things command more respect than hard work, integrity, dedication and the ability to follow through. These are among the many attributes I experienced from start to finish when travelling with Tripwired Tours.

My  itinerary took me to Rajasthan for three weeks to six cities and off the beaten path to villages. Tripwired managed to coordinate every aspect of my adventure. The choice of guides were perfect. The drivers were all skilled and reliable and the vehicles were always clean and stocked with water, sanitized wipes and in some cases snacks for us to enjoy. Safety was never a concern.

my three-week journey through India significantly exceeded all of my expectations.. I am a big believer in managing expectations and I must say that thanks to Michael and Liz my three-week journey through India significantly exceeded all of my expectations.

I could not be more pleased with every component of my adventure and must give Tripwired the highest marks possible. Thank you!!!”

Anne G. Sydney

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