Recce trip to south India

Travel Money Cards

Travel Money Cards


An increasing number of travellers are reporting problems with travel money cards, those stored-value cards that are promoted so enthusiastically by a range of financial institutions. Seems their cards are being cloned and cash totally depleted, and since these are debit cards, once your money’s gone some providers don’t want to know. Add to that the fees that come with these cards and you have a product that really doesn’t belong in your wallet.


Logging on in Public Places


Free public Wi-Fi in places like airports is a great asset for travellers but it can be hacked.  Be wary if you’re logging into a bank account. If you’re connecting on your phone, a mobile browser is more secure than an app, and a Virtual Private Network provides an extra layer of protection. If you are using a browser on an unfamiliar network, make sure the website you’re on starts with “https” which signifies an encrypted website. The locked padlock in the browser window means you’re operating in secure mode.  If you want to bulletproof your browsing, consider a dedicated software security screen such as Norton WiFi Privacy.



Exciting news – we’re launching our first Morocco trip, scheduled for April 2019.


Part circus, part grand bazaar, part history lesson but mostly a series of chapters from the book of earthly wonders, Morocco is a soul-stealing place. A heady fusion of semi-nomadic Berber, Arab and African cultures, it’s also a country of two halves, the cosmopolitan, fertile Morocco of the north and the harsh, wizened, conservative Morocco of the pre-Sahara, with the Atlas Mountains as the divide. It’s also a safe and secure Islamic country that lays down the welcome mat for visitors, and we’ve planned a ripper of a tour.


Total 17 days, maximum 10 guests plus Liz and I, travelling aboard a spacious bus with a tour guide and driver, and we take it slowly, so there’s plenty of time to absorb the wonders along the way. Take a look at the itinerary  and fill in the booking form if you’d like to know more.


If you’re wondering whether Morocco is really your thing, check the About Morocco page and also our FAQ page .




Still have a few places left on our second trip to Rajasthan, starting October 29 2018 It’s a sensational journey through one of the most colourful and entertaining parts of India. Interested? Check the itinerary.


Launching out South India Exploratory


Southern India is another country. Different languages, landscapes, different food, even different religion – Kerala is almost 20% Christian. It also packs in a huge diversity, from the tea plantations of Munnar to the mist-shrouded forests of the Western Ghats, one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, to the jade-green rice fields of Kerala.


South India doesn’t get a lot of attention. Compared with the Taj, Rajasthan and the other highlights of the north, it sees comparatively few outside visitors. For those who go, there’s a sense of novelty and discovery about the south.


A tour of the region has been on our wish list for some time and we’re about to make it happen. Starting in mid-November Liz and I will be doing a 16 -day recce. Starting in Chennai, formerly Madras, we’ll visit the incredible granite temples at Mamallapuram, continue south to the former French colony at Pondicherry then turn inland to visit the incredible Temple complex at Madurai, the fascinating villages of the Chettinad region, packed with crumbling mansions built by wealthy Chettiar merchants and explore the UNESCO-inscribed Great Living Chola Temples. We’ll spend a couple of nights in the cool forests of the Palani Hills, take s cruise on the filigreed backwaters of Kerala and finish in Kochi, formerly Cochin, the dessert trolley in the Indian feast, a sweet-natured chill zone with warm oil massages as one of its core promises.


A recce means sampling the hotels, the food and the experiences we want to include on our tour program to make sure they measure up, but we’ve chosen carefully, and our itinerary has been carefully planned with our on-the-ground travel team.


Up for an adventure? Like to come along for a different kind of ride? It’s 16 days, starting November 16 and a small group – space for just six. Price will be around $4,500 per person on a twin-share basis. You’ll have a fabulous experience, that we promise, and your input will help shape another great journey in the Tripwired Tours repertoire. If you’re looking for a pre-Christmas break, with the chance to pick up some exotic pressies, this could be just the shot.


You can fly one-stop from Australia to Chennai and back from Kochi starting from around $600, and that’s brilliant value.


Drop me a line and I’ll tell you more about what’s on the program – with some terrific places to stay along the way.




Just back from a one-week mobile safari with World Expeditions and if you want to see Africa’s wildlife in all its raw splendour, Botswana is tops.  The ace in the country’s pack is the delta of the Okavango River, one of Africa’s wildlife treasures, a vast freshwater wetland that covers most of northern Botswana. This wetland borders the Kalahari Desert but every year the waters that rage down from the Angolan highlands spill across the region’s sandy plains as they search for a route to the sea, creating a complete eco-system, from insects to tiny reed frogs to hippos, elephants, leopards and lions. The delta is home to several semi-permanent safari camps but the mobile safari was outstanding. Population pressures are light and the region’s wildlife thrives practically unmolested. This is one part of Africa where every lion pride and every stalking leopard is not surrounded by a herd of safari vehicles.




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