What should I do for a 9 hour layover in Bangkok?

I have a 9 hour layover at Bangkok airport in January, from 3.30pm to 12.30am before a 10 hour flight to Amman. Do you have any suggestions on what to do during the layover? Is it worth leaving the airport to visit Bangkok or is the risk of transport hiccups too great? Is it possible to get a hotel room in the airport for a few hours? The airport’s website is not very helpful in this regard.

Nine hours is way too long to spend cooped up in an airport, and while the Airport Link Express Line provides speedy and efficient transport to the city, Bangkok is not easy city to try and find your way around for first-time visitors. Oriental Escape  is a local tour operator that offers a Bangkok City Tour for Transit Passengers at Suvarnabhumi Airport. This is specifically designed for passengers with 7-10 hour layovers and it’s individually tailored to include city sightseeing, palaces, temples, museums, a boat trip along the river and canals and a massage or spa treatment – whatever fits with your interests and time frame. If you’ve not been to Bangkok before, you might include the Grand Palace, a boat ride on the river, a meal and a massage.

If you have an Australian passport, you do not require a visa to enter Thailand. Immigration formalities at Bangkok Airport are usually speedy.

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