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Greetings, fellow explorer. I’ve spent a significant chunk of my life documenting travel stories, and along the way, I’ve stumbled upon some truly remarkable places that I felt compelled to share with like-minded adventurers. Thus, Tripwired Tours came into existence – not just a collection of destinations but a distinctive approach to travel.

My preference is for a more measured pace. I steer clear of lengthy bus rides and favor itineraries that provide the flexibility to pursue individual interests. I find solace in small hotels that exude character and tranquility, all while ensuring a comfortable stay. When it comes to dining, I appreciate indulging in exceptional cuisine in delightful settings, but every now and then, I can’t resist the allure of street food. That’s where Liz comes into the picture.

This venture is more than a travel enterprise; it encapsulates my personal philosophy on travel – deliberate, thoughtful, and punctuated with meaningful moments. So, if you share a penchant for savoring the journey, uncovering hidden treasures, and reveling in a well-crafted travel experience, consider joining us. Let’s embark on a journey where each step tells a story. Ready for an adventure tailored to your style? I certainly hope so.



Meet Liz, the maestra of discovering enchanting havens, culinary treasures, and the extraordinary moments that define our small-group tours. Now, let me share a captivating chapter: Liz and I have been journeying together since the ’70s, and the spark of wonder, excitement, and sheer joy in our travels continues to burn brightly.

Our purpose is profound: we yearn to infuse your travels with the same sense of exhilaration and discovery that has fueled our own odyssey. When you choose to embark on this adventure with us, envision a tapestry woven with threads of inspiration, exploration, and the enduring magic that makes travel a transformative experience. Join us, and let the spirit of exploration light up your path. Your journey with us is not just a trip; it’s an invitation to be inspired.



Indulge in an unhurried escape with us, where we luxuriate in each destination for a delightful three-night stay. Our intimate group, ranging from 6 to 12, plus the captivating company of Liz and Michael, promises an exclusive and personalized experience. No need to worry about getting lost in the crowd – you’ll catch every word from our knowledgeable guides.

Our handpicked accommodations are a mixture of character, comfort, and charisma. Picture yourself in heritage gems with stylish interiors and divine culinary offerings. These are not just hotels; they are experiences. Nestled in tranquil settings with charming gardens and pools, they are a retreat for the soul without the pretentiousness of over-the-top luxury.

While we certainly showcase the highlights, our journey is anything but generic. Say goodbye to off-the-shelf travel, and embrace unique encounters. Picture strolling through villages, sipping tea with welcoming locals, and savoring street food delights – all moments that transcend language barriers.

If you’re yearning for a travel experience that transcends the ordinary, where relaxation meets cultural immersion, and connections are made in the most unexpected places, then pack your bags and join us. Your next adventure is not just a trip; it’s an invitation to a world of enchantment and discovery. Ready for a journey like no other? Come, let’s make memories together.

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