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Small group tours to special places



Michael has spent half a lifetime writing and photographing travel stories. “During that time I’ve discovered some pretty remarkable places that I wanted to share with other like-minded travellers, and out of that Tripwired Tours was born. It’s not just places but also a style of travel. I like to travel slowly, I don’t like long bus trips, I like flexible itineraries that allow me to pursue my own interests, I like small hotels with character and calm as well as comfort and I like to eat great food in lovely surroundings but I also like street food from time to time, and that’s where Liz comes in.”



Liz has a talent for finding special places to stay, to eat and the unique experiences that underpin the small-group tours we operate. Liz and I have been travelling together since the 1970s. We’re still charmed, excited and delighted by our travels, and that sense of delight and discovery is what we aim to give you when you travel with us.



Most places we stay three nights. You can only take in so much in a day & we like to relax and spend time in the lovely hotels where we stay. Because we’re not rushing we can re-shape our days.
Group size is 6-10, plus Liz and Michael. That’s big enough for variety but you won’t feel lost in a crowd. And you’ll always hear what the guide is saying.
Character, comfort and charisma are the factors we look for in our hotels. We like heritage and historic properties with stylish interiors and great food small, intimate hotels with pretty gardens and pools and quiet places but we’re not aiming to dazzle you with luxury.
We’ll show you the highlights but we’re not into box-ticking, off-the-shelf travel. We’re also big on interaction. Village strolls, tea with the locals, street food – and it’s surprising what you can share even when you don’t speak the same language.
Sound like what you’ve been looking for? Why not come with us?

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