Hands on tour of Rajasthan

We’re hands-on travellers and we like to immerse ourselves in the places we visit. We’ll be strolling through markets, through the sari bazaar in Jaipur, the vegetable bazaar in Jodhpur and the spice market in Delhi, as well as visiting palaces created by the royal rulers of Rajasthan.

About us

I`m Mike Gebicki a Sydney based travel writer and photographer and I also lead small group tours with my partner Liz Ryan.
India , Morocco, Southern Spain, Romania all places I’ve come to love. Small groups, slow travel,

Lose your soul in Morocco

This is a small group tour, maximum 10 guests, travelling at a slow pace. We’ll taste the world’s best dates, visit mud-walled kasbahs, walk through villages and palm groves that might have come straight from the Book of Job, hear the strange and intoxicating gnaoua music that originated with African slaves, explore wonderful gardens, troll through labyrinthine souks, ride camels through the dunes of the Sahara to our luxury desert camp and stay in some beautiful small hotels and riads.

Rustic romantic Umbria

This is a small group tour, maximum 10 guests, travelling at a slow pace.
We’ll see superb artworks, but we’ll also get mud on our boots searching for truffles, the black gold of Umbria, We’ll stand where St Francis of Assisi preached a new message of love, sample the intense Sagrantino wine made from grapes that grow only around the hill town of Montefalco.”

Bucolic & medieval countryside awaits

Picture this: a country of snow-capped peaks and wild forests where shepherds with huge dogs guard their sheep from wolves and where Europe’s largest population of brown bears roams free. Medieval villages and fortified churches built by settlers from Saxony and Hungary.

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