“Discover Andalucía: Flamenco Rhythms, Tapas Delights, Sherry Tasting, and Charming White Villages Await”

Welcome to a captivating journey through the heart of Andalucía, where every step is a dance and every taste is a melody. Join us for an experience that transcends the ordinary, as we explore the rich tapestry of Spain’s cultural mosaic.

Imagine being entranced by the mesmerizing rhythms of flamenco, performed by recent graduates from the city’s esteemed performing academies. In Jerez, savor the noble sherries that have stood the test of time, and in Seville, let the aroma of tapas bars and the warmth of local camaraderie envelop your senses.

Our adventure takes us to the historic streets of Granada, where dining in a Moorish palace-house becomes a culinary journey through time. A charming local, Pepe, will guide us through his mountain village, sharing stories that echo through the ages, before we indulge in a home-cooked lunch at his personal winery.

Immerse yourself in the architectural marvels that bear witness to Andalucía’s storied past. Marvel at the Alcázar, a fortress-palace that reflects the legacy of Islamic conquerors in Seville. Wander through the sublime Alhambra in Granada, and discover richly ornamented churches born from the fervor following the Moors’ expulsion.

Our journey is not just a fleeting glimpse; we stay longer, start later, allowing you to absorb the essence of Andalucía. Take the time to explore, shop, or simply savor a moment in a café while the world unfolds before you. Our carefully selected hotels, former palaces, old mills, and Moorish quarters, offer a blend of calm, character, and comfort, ensuring that your stay is as memorable as the destinations themselves.

Join us on this odyssey where memories of Andalucía come alive, dancing on your taste buds, echoing in the rhythms of flamenco, and etched in the walls of centuries-old palaces. Your adventure awaits – let the journey through Andalucía begin.

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