Discover South India: A Delicious Journey from Plate to Place. Indulge in Cuisine, Culture, and Exploration Amidst a Tapestry of Palms and Temples| March 20-April 3 2025


A stylish heritage hotel just metres from the seafront promenade in Pondicherry, a glorious art deco Chettinad mansion, an elegant colonial-era hotel overlooking the waterfront in Fort Cochin, a glamorous resort hotel on Lake Vembanad – charm, character and calm are the hallmarks of our stays.


We’ll mix our rice with the subtle flavours of multi-dish thali meals, dip into coconut-infused dishes and sample the delights of banana leaf cuisine. The flavours are lively and fresh, and south is where most of India’s spices come from. Seafood dishes are a real standout.


Hinduism takes on exultant forms in the south, where temples are dominated by gopurams, towers elaborately decorated with writhing figures of Hindu gods, godesses, demons and heroes. Madurai’s World Heritage-listed Meenakshi Amman Temple is an outstanding example.


Traditions linger in South India. As well as some of the grand monuments and temples we’ll spend time exploring villages, experiencing the slow and gentle rhythms of life ruled by the seasons and by religious festivals. Many unscripted moments will animate our journey.


Kerala is the float tank chapter in the Indian experience. We`ll take a cruise on a converted rice barge along the backwaters on Kerala, a slow moving tapestry of rice paddies and muddy villages, threaded together by green rivers and canals between corridors of coconut palms.


There’s a timeless quality to many of the villages that line the backroads of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, where agriculture comes from another century, where hands still turn the wheels of industry and the bullock cart sets the pace. The very essence of slow travel.


Generally any reasonably fit person should be able to participate & fully enjoy all that the tours have to offer.
You should be comfortable walking around towns and countryside. The tour will include some optional walks (typically 1-2hrs).
Be able to walk and negotiate stairs and pedestrian thoroughfares
Be able to stand for 30-60 minutes in galleries and museums at a time without a break
Be able to get on and off a coach with stairs, unassisted
Use a combined shower/bath (please note that we cannot guarantee walk-in shower facilities at all hotels)

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